We Have had a challenging job over the last Few weeks working at North Lees Hall Hathersage I really enjoy working on historic buildings but they do have to be treated with a great deal of respect. North Lees Hall does have some impressive history   dating from 1594 and In1845 Charlotte Bronte visited the Hall several times while staying with her friend at the Vicarage in Hathersage. It became the inspiration for Thornfield Hall in the novel ‘Jane Eyre’ Our job was to bring two chimneys back into use These chimneys had been relined in the past but the linings had failed so we decided to use the Eldfast method of resealing the flues this involves pulling a former covered with a ceramic mixture  through the length of the chimneys this reseals any breaks or damage the former is kept under pressure using compressed air this means the mixture can be applied evenly to the flue the mixture is then set using high power gas blowers . These flues will now be fit for purpose for future generations, the two stoves that have been fitted are a Fireline FX5W and a Nestor Martin Harmony